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Community Resources

Tutorials and infoโ€‹



Vowgan's Tutorial Videosโ€‹

These videos start with the graph in the first half and cover U# in the second half


orels1's UdonToolKitโ€‹

Provides a number of useful utility behaviours and a much more powerful attribute system for making custom inspectors for your U# behaviours.

This is fairly out of date at this point since it hasn't had the node registry updated in a while. This is a web tool that lets you search what functions are available to Udon


CyanEmu is a VRChat client emulator that enables you to test and debug your Udon (and SDK2) VRChat worlds directly in Unity. It comes with a desktop player controller that can use interacts, grab pickups, sit in chairs, respawn, etc.

Phasedragon's Input tableโ€‹

This lists all of the inputs that VRChat currently binds and how they work with each VR controller. Inputs that return true or false can be read using Input.GetButton() with the listed name for the input. Inputs that return somewhere in the range -1 to 1 or 0 to 1 can be read using Input.GetAxis() or Input.GetAxisRaw()

If you would like to test a controller not on the list, you can go to my input test world

Shatoo's Udon editor debugโ€‹

Provides a UI to call built-in events with arguments

Jordo's Haptics Testing worldโ€‹

Provides 3 sliders to adjust haptics and test how they feel for later use in your code.