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All these settings can be found at Edit > Project Settings > Udon Sharp

Udon Sharp Settings

Udon Sharp

Auto compile on modify

Having this enabled will auto compile scripts when a file is modified and saved.

Compile all script

Compiles all scripts when ever changes are detected to a U# script.

Compile on focus

Will only compile when the editor gets focused and changes have been made to a script.

Script template override

You can define your own custom template to be used when creating U# scripts. This can be done by dragging a script into the Script template override field and that will now be used when you create a new U# script.

<TemplateClassName> can be used to set the class name based on the file name you give.

Default Template

using UdonSharp;
using UnityEngine;
using VRC.SDKBase;
using VRC.Udon;

public class <TemplateClassName> : UdonSharpBehaviour
void Start()



Debug build

Enables or disabled Inline Code and Listen for client exceptions

Inline Code

Includes the C# inline code in the generated assembly code.

Listen for client exceptions

This will listen for exceptions from the output log the VRChat client makes, then try to match it up against scripts in the project.

Read more here on how to set it up