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Release 1.0.0b11



  • Improve exposure tree scan speed a little
  • Make GetUdonSharpComponent APIs just act like Unity equivalents instead of potentially erroring
  • Add fallback drawing for jagged arrays
  • Fix issue with local symbols getting incorrectly shared between different generic method type arguments, reported by @Miner28_3
  • Fix U# behaviour enabled state not getting synced in the editor UI while in play mode properly, reported by @Fairplex
  • Prevent editing script asset on UdonSharpProgramAssets once it has been set since it will not work now. Also add validation for out of sync assigned script types.
  • Missing source script warning is now an error
  • Obsolete and no-op UpdateProxy and ApplyProxyModifications editor API calls since they aren't needed in editor-time now and could cause issues with the new way of doing things.
  • Fix multiply operation * on System.Decimal type, reported by @pnivek
  • Fix integer -> user enum conversions when the underlying integer types don't match, reported by @GlitchyDev
  • Fix script upgrader more, reported by @Phasedragon
  • Make file change detection extend to all scripts that are linked by U# builds
  • Fix AddUdonSharpComponent editor scripting APIs as they weren't actually working, reported by @BocuD
  • Move UdonSharp menu items to be under the VRChat SDK top level menu