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Release 1.0.0b12



  • Make UdonBehaviourSyncMode attribute affect inherited classes, requested by @BocuD
  • Add UDONSHARP scripting define to check for presence of U# in project
  • Make upgrade process with scene open more robust
  • Add handling for GetComponent(s)<UdonSharpBehaviour>() (the exact UdonSharpBehaviour type, types directly inherited from UdonSharpBehaviour were already handled)
  • Add handling for GetComponent(s)<T>() on UdonSharpBehaviour types using inheritance
  • Add workaround handling for GetComponent(s)<T>() on VRC component types
  • Fix issue where generic methods could leak their type arguments to other uses with different type arguments
  • Fix serialization on base class declared fields, reported by @kafeijao
  • Add better error when declaring nested types