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Release 1.0.0b5



  • Fix string compound addition with const character values, reported by @Pema99
  • Fix covariant conversion of params arrays on reference type values, reported by @Haï~
  • Fix issues with virtual method linkage allocations, reported by @Haï~
  • Add checking for cases where base methods are shadowed by inherited methods, reported by @GlitchyDev
  • Add checking for cases where base fields are shadowed by fields in inherited classes
  • Add checking for abstract U# classes having a U# program asset associated with them, reported by @GlitchyDev
  • Add fix for abstract methods causing the compiler to fail
  • Add validation to make sure people aren't inheriting from interfaces since they will have support added in the coming weeks
  • Add handling for using switch on object condition values, reported by @Pema99
  • Add handling for empty statements, reported by @Pema99
  • Add validation for the class name of U# behaviours mismatching their containing .cs file name since Unity breaks in dumb ways when it's not the same