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Release 1.0.0b9



  • Switch to using Unity C# scripts to store U# script data which has the following benefits for U# behaviours:
    • Support for prefab scene deltas
    • Support for prefab nesting
    • Support for prefab variants
    • Multi-edit support
    • Editor script dirtying behavior makes more sense
    • Custom inspectors and editor scripting now work on prefab assets properly
  • Add upgrade path for converting old projects to new data format
    • Does not support upgrading nested prefabs and prefab variants since they were not supported prior to 1.0.0b9
  • Improvements to assembly reload performance
  • Inspector enum support
  • Fixes for struct value write back, reported by @Hai and @Jordo
  • Add InteractionText property to UdonSharpBehaviours
  • Fixes for some methods not being found ex System.Type.Name, contributed by @bd_
  • Remove redundant COW value dirty on this, contributed by @bd_
  • Catch unhandled exceptions from compiler and rethrow them as unhandled exceptions to avoid Tasks silencing exceptions
  • Fix double brackets not being unexcaped on interpolated strings that weren't preforming any interpolation, contributed by @ureishi
  • 'Expected' exceptions used to interrupt compilation now do not dump entire callstack to debug log
  • Enable runtime exception watching by default
  • Add checks for Unity C# compile errors before initiating a U# compile to avoid confusion
  • Add more validation for invalid uses of program assets and script files
  • Remove redundant script dirty ignore since it seems like something else was causing the dirtying and is no longer doing it
  • Obsolete many editor APIs for editor scripting that are no longer needed
  • Obsolete old overloads for station and player join events -- now throws compile error