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Release 1.1.6



  • Upgrading nested prefabs from U# 0.x projects should now be handled properly #82
  • Fixes for float -> int truncation and precision contributed by @ureishi #79
  • Fix for casts from char -> float types contributed by @ureishi #80
  • Fixes for string composite assignment contributed by @ureishi #29
  • Fixes for equality between two null constants contributed by @ureishi #30
  • Fix for checking event compatibility with built-in events to not only check event name, this would cause issues if you tried to register an event without the correct parameters for a built-in event.
  • Fix to show jagged array fields if they are marked with OdinSerialize, but private
  • Adds Curl errors that Unity now likes to throw with the menu updates to the event filter for log watcher
  • Fix for inter-prefrab references on instantiated prefabs not applying correctly in some cases, because Unity
  • Prevent running upgrade process on intermediate build prefabs
  • Workaround for a case where Unity thinks an object is a prefab when it isn't during the prefab build process which could cause the process to fail